November 30, 2022

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B Vitamins – What Do They Do And Why You Need Them

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<a></a><strong>B Vitamins – What Do They Do And Why You Need Them</strong>

Since the rise of the post-modernization era, many products have become inclusive of an array of elements. For example, cosmetic products are not just manufactured from chemicals and synthetic components but also obtain Vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it is easy to check out reviews such as Citizen cosmetic reviews or Mio skincare reviews to find out which products offer this benefit. Luckily, the 21st-century generation doesn’t have to wear make-up that leaves them wrinkled early because many products have been designed to protect the skin while in use. Mainly the vitamin B complex comprises various ingredients to combat different things. So, let us discuss the B vitamins and what they do to enhance the body.

Vitamin B plus

Like every other vitamin and mineral, they are present in the foods and drinks you consume. In addition, you can also get your dose of B vitamins when shopping in the food aisle. Just read the nutritional information on the item leaflet, which indicates which vitamins and minerals are in the product. Otherwise, you can research products that contain high-level vitamins and minerals online.

Foods that contain Vitamin B plus

Many vitamin B-enriched foodslike nuts, seeds, oils, and organ meats from livestock contain high amounts of vitamin B. However, the organs are not famous because people rarely enjoy animals’ livers, hearts, and stomachs. Furthermore, other vitamin sources are eggs and yogurt, which you can maintain because these products are inexpensive and readily accessible.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is common amongst weight lifters and personal trainers because the main side effect of the vitamin B12 shot is that it burns fat by turning it into energy. In addition, doctors always prescribe it to patients so they can have an energy boost while recovering from illness. Furthermore, a B12 shot is easy to obtain and inexpensive.

Vitamin B12 Injections

Fortunately, there are also vitamin B12 injections that anyone can administer over the counter at your local pharmacy. Moreover, the vitamin B12 shot is most common amongst gym goers because they use it to do stress exercises and enhance their endurance. Therefore, the injection is also given to people who need a boost of energy because of a compromised immune system, like when they are ill.

B vitamins: Advantage or Disadvantage?

The most significant advantage of B vitamins is that it increases your energy and improves cell regeneration on a molecular level. In addition, vitamin B helps with illnesses and ensures your body is fully functioning while battling your disease. Furthermore, you can never get too much of the vitamin because it can only be used within your system and rarely has any adverse effects. However, a disadvantage can be the sensation of what the vitamin can do. For example, you take a B vitamin shot every morning after waking up, and on the days you don’t, you feel run down. So it would seem you have built a psychological relationship between feeling well and vitamin B. Therefore, it is tricky not to become dependent on the injection and just use it when necessary.


In hindsight, B vitamins are perfect for you and have more pros than cons, but the cons are hidden and could creep up on you when you least expect them to. Furthermore, some would even argue that vitamin B shots are a milder version of anabolic steroids because it is more of a natural serum than an artificial one. However, you do need them, but it’s best to obtain them through the foods you eat. 

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