November 29, 2022

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Beverley Turner shares details of James Cracknell’s wedding to new wife as it happens

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TV presenter Beverley Turner, who was previously married to Olympian James Cracknell, admitted ‘you’re never totally fine with it’ as she discussed her ex marrying his fiancee Jordan Connell today

TV presenter Beverley Turner posted a candid video discussing her split from ex-husband James Cracknell on what she revealed to be his wedding day.

Beverley, 47, confirmed the news on Instagram on Friday as she opened up about her feelings on James’ new life without her.

The ex-Olympian, 49, is said to be marrying girlfriend Jordan Connell – who is 14 years his junior – today after 17 months of dating.

He was previously married to Beverley for 17 years with the pair splitting in March 2019, nine years after the sportsman suffered a devastating brain injury that Beverley claimed changed his personality.

Taking to Instagram to revealing to her 37.6k followers that today is James’ wedding day, Beverley admitted ‘you never feel totally fine’ as she discussed their divorce in a self-filmed video.

TV presenter Beverley Turner told her social media fans that her ex husband James Cracknell got married today



James and Jordan Connell are said to be tying the knot 17 months after meeting following a whirlwind romance



“It’s a strange day today, my ex-husband got married today – which is quite a strange thing to say and I thought I was going to be totally OK with it, and I am OK with it.

“I’m happier now than I have been for many years and I know James is happier now than he has been for many years – and a big part of that is Jordan, his wife. But it also made me quite pensive and I couldn’t quite work out why,” she confessed.

Beverley went on: “You never get married thinking you’re going to get divorced and although the kids are great and I have a new partner who is amazing with them and in many ways they are lively, resilient children.

James Cracknell and Beverley Turner arriving at the Pride of Britain Awards 2017 shortly before they split


Phil Harris)

James endured a traumatic brain injury during a cycling accident in 2010


Ken McKay/ITV/REX)

“You never have divorced parents as something that you’re totally fine with. I just wanted to say that, but the other thing, I know that lots of people who are part of the brain injury world do follow me, even if you are in the darkest bits of those journeys – which you might be now – you do see the sun again at some point.

“And although it never really leaves you, the impact never really leaves a family, I’ve been thinking about James’ parents today as well.”

After sharing the video, Beverley took to Twitter to post a selfie of herself posing with her new boyfriend James Pritchett, 32.

Beverley congratulated her ex as she posed beside her man



She wrote alongside it: “Huge congratulations from us both to @jamescracknell who gets married today to a wonderful woman who makes him happy.

“Marriage, brain injury and divorce was never Plan A. But to anyone currently in the dark, the sun WILL come out again one day.”

James and Jordan’s engagement was confirmed with a traditional notice in The Times back in January.

James and Jordan attended the premiere of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in December 2019 after going public with their romance


Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

Beverley admitted she was thinking about her and ex and her former in-laws on James’ wedding day



Former Olympic rower James said he credits financier Jordan for giving him a new found confidence.

The new relationship came two years after wife of 17 years Beverley filed for divorce on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour.

The pair were reported to have struggled after James suffered a brain injury after being knocked off his bike by a petrol tanker in Arizona.

Beverley helped nurse the former sportsman to health, but the long-term effects were said to be profoud.

James suffered damage to the part of the brain that controls memory, personality and speech.

Beverley said she struggled to adjust to James’ ‘changed personality’ after he suffered a brain injury



Explaining the changes to their relationship, Beverley said in an interview with The Times: “A formerly quiet man, he couldn’t stop talking, but certainly stopped listening. I had my silent screams in the shower so the children wouldn’t hear.

“Acquired brain injury is contagious — the whole family catches it and soon everyone is snapping, sighing, arguing and slamming doors. After a brain injury a couple’s dynamic typically becomes one of parent and child, complete with nagging, resistance, resentment and sulking.”

James admitted he was not the ‘best husband in the world.’

“I wanted to go to Cambridge to get academic credibility for the work I was doing in public health. Beverley didn’t share my desire for me to go into politics. I don’t think she liked the idea of being a politician’s wife,” he said.

James said that he did not believe the separation was to do with his injury and said it had been a ‘long time coming.’

The rowing champ went on to appear in Strictly Come Dancing in 2019.

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