October 24, 2021

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Hanover restaurant results in new approach to tipping personnel

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Inspired by a segment he observed on “60 Minutes” about a year back, Dustin Auffarth, proprietor of Taphouse 6 in Hanover was encouraged to create a new method for idea sharing he calls “a hospitality ahead.”

That segment highlighted Danny Meyer, improved known as the founder of popular brief-serve chain restaurant the Shake Shack. Meyer’s concept was influenced by observing front-of-residence personnel associates make much more than the kitchen area team on a standard night because of their tips. His solution was to raise the prices of his menu things by 25% so he could maximize the base fork out of his servers and kitchen area staff.

Dustin Auffarth (center), photographed with his two sons who work in the kitchen at Taphouse 6, in 2021

Soon after accomplishing more investigation on a principle like this, Auffarth made the decision it would be dangerous to maximize selling prices this way based on the spot of his cafe.

“In New York and LA, you may well be capable to get away with that, but even there, there is pushback in the beginning,” Auffarth stated .

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