November 30, 2022

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Molinard Habanita Perfume Review | Canadian Beauty

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Child powder, then smoke, woods, just sufficient vanilla to attract you in, melt into your pores and skin. The smell of seasons modifying. Anything at all is possible.

This is historical fragrance at its greatest.

Originally created in the 1920’s for girls to scent their cigarettes, Habanita at first came in a bottle with a glass rod that women utilized to apply the fragrance on the smokes. Ultimately, the scent went directly on pores and skin alternatively and glassmaker Rene Lalique was commissioned to structure a bottle.

The frieze style is agent of the variety of get the job done he was undertaking at that time, and reflected the European fascination with antique Greek art. I have been sitting on this decant because May possibly and did a whole lot of research into it at the time. It is all just coming out now. I really don’t know what year my bottle is but it is the EDP.

A classic edition is on my wishlist, and I’m questioning if the smoky notes ended up often there or were being they included afterwards to replicate the scent of another person using tobacco.

Individuals who have smelled the classic say that the ashy smoky observe has usually been there, which is attention-grabbing.

It is a pretty intriguing perfume.

I pretty a great deal liked sporting my decant and it is 50 % finished suitable now.  I might need to have a whole bottle at some point.

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