November 29, 2022

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Reviewed: Byredo Vanille Antique | Who What Wear

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Reviewed: Byredo Vanille Antique | Who What Wear

Both Santal 33 and Baccarat Rouge have dominated the New York City fragrance matrix for fairly some time. Not long ago, nonetheless, I’ve discovered a new scent pop up in the metropolis much more and more—and I imagine it really is on its way to turning out to be omnipresent. 

That scent is none other than Byredo’s Vanille Antique, which is an extension of the brand’s Night Veils selection. These fragrances are designed for “the ritual of the night time,” and they’re all concentrates of raw resources in their headiest variety. 

Vanille Antique is centered on—you guessed it—vanilla. Unlike most vanilla-centric scents, on the other hand, Vanille Antique will not lean sweet or cloying. In fact, it can be the overall opposite. This fragrance is vanilla at its rawest—it’s smoky, warm, and heady. It makes feeling that it is really gaining momentum in the city the way it is due to the fact it follows the exact same kind of fragrance formula as Santal 33 and Baccarat Rouge: woods, amber, mild florals, and a starring ingredient. (For Santal 33 and Baccarat Rouge, it is really cardamom and saffron respectively. For Vanille Antique, it truly is vanilla.)

This scent has not been all over extended ample to obtain full dominance nonetheless, but it truly is quickly on its way. Just like its predecessors, it truly is recognizable but reads different on all people. It is really certainly hypnotizing and—trust me—well really worth the income based on compliments per put on by itself. 

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