December 8, 2022

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Trick or Treat, and Vote, This Halloween

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Hey, trick or treaters! if you’re in New York Town, you can vote today and get a great Halloween-themed voting sticker!

If you cannot vote today mainly because you’ve got witch small business to choose care of, no concerns — early voting runs by means of Sunday, November 6. Your last possibility to vote is regular previous Election Working day on Tuesday, November 8, but if you go early, the crowds are considerably much less frightening.

Pumpkin art by Rick Weisfeld.

I’ve been active all month operating on obtaining out the vote by writing postcards to voters, calling voters, and knocking on doorways. You can take part in a whole lot of GOTV pursuits from dwelling, and I have solutions for each day via Election Day in the most up-to-date edition of my weekly activism e-newsletter.

Click Here FOR GOTV Choices.

You can also uncover all the information you want to make your own voting plans in that exact same url.

Pumpkin artwork by Victoria.

Voting in every election is significant, but this a single is primarily crucial if you consider in everyone’s right to select. If you are not about to tell a lady or everyone with a uterus to have a kid versus their will, vote Democrat up and down the ticket to prevent draconian abortion bans. At the federal amount, Republicans are ready to go after a national abortion ban. (And immediately after that, they are coming for contraception.) At the local stage, Republicans in point out legislatures are pushing state abortion bans that could take impact as shortly as next yr. In Pennsylvania, for instance, the Republican-controlled condition legislature has by now voted when in favor of an abortion ban. If the right wing stays in energy there, there will be an additional legislative vote in favor of the ban in 2023. The 2nd consecutive vote will then deliver the ban to the people for their vote. Let’s not permit it get that far, Pennsylvania!

Terms of knowledge.

If you have previously acquired into old-fashioned and cynical notions of your vote “not counting,” my activist buddy Robin Alperstein defined in a Facebook article past night that every single vote really issues, even if you are in a “blue” or “red” point out. (In essence, nothing at all is ever as monolithic as it seems.) I put Robin’s article into this Google doc so you can read through it way too. If you have a lot more time to spare — or just miss looking at/listening to me — you can revisit the lYouTube video I did for the 2018 midterm elections.

If you are going to the NYC Halloween parade today, I’ll be with the Witches Vote contingent spreading the message that “Voting Is Magic.”

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