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Vile criminals who bonded behind bars – including Rose West and Myra Hindley’s ‘love affair’

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Rotting behind bars for butchering more than a dozen women, the Yorkshire Ripper had to endure some very rough justice.

Over the decades, Peter Sutcliffe was mercilessly set upon by fellow lags outraged by his savage crimes – and some of them even came from fellow ‘celebrity’ inmates.

Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Kray twins ordered two vicious hits on the serial killer, the first of which left him needing 30 stitches.

James Campbell, an ex-advisor to the twins, said Reggie had wanted to “do Sutcliffe good and proper” after he roughed up his brother at Broadmoor Hospital.

Chillingly, the criminals’ bloody clashes were not the only time notorious lags came face-to-face – and often, they even struck up sickening friendships.

Here, we reveal the many meetings of dark minds within the prison system – from Rose West and Myra Hindley’s stomach-churning ‘love affair’ to the Ripper’s tea breaks with Jimmy Savile.

Rose West’s ‘love affair’ with ‘manipulative’ Myra Hindley

Myra Hindley and Rose West became two of the most despised and feared women in Britain when their secret lives as serial killers were exposed.

Hindley, along with her boyfriend Ian Brady, was jailed in 1966 for killing five children in what became known as the Moors Murders.

Rose West said Myra Hindley was ‘flippin’ dangerous’

The pair reportedly had a fling before things turned sour
The pair reportedly had a fling before things turned sour

She was sentenced to spend the rest of her life behind bars for her twisted crimes and was jailed in HMP Durham when she first met West.

West was convicted of 10 murders, including her own daughter and step-daughter, while her husband, Fred, was jailed for 12 killings.

The two women are said to have quickly become close and one fellow prisoner has insisted they were more than just friends.

Linda Calvey, who ­served 18 years in jail, has said since she was released that “their relationship definitely looked romantic”.

Prisoner relationships are allowed but sex is against the rules because the ­premises are ­regarded as public places.

Calvey – dubbed the Black Widow for blasting gangster lover Ronnie Cook to death with a shotgun in 1990 – said: “I remember a prison officer told me, ‘I would love to know what the gruesome twosome are up to’.

“Then he said, ‘Actually, on second thoughts I wouldn’t. They were thick as thieves.”

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Calvey said the prison had a policy of ­letting inmates socialise on the female wing. And she claims the long “unlocked” hours left plenty of time for two of Britain’s most notorious women to get to know each other.

However, when their relationship was over it was sudden and there was no turning back, claims Calvey.

She explained: “It was really weird. Something ­happened and then that was that, and it was like they never knew each other.

“As fast as it happened, it ended. There was talk that ­because Rose was more famous than Myra it had put her nose out of joint.”

West’s former solicitor, Leo Goatley, claims she told him she was involved with Hindley on one of his visits.

He alleges West was impressed by Hindley’s thirst for knowledge. The serial killer had studied with the Open University and West was said to be “impressed by Hindley’s knowledge and ability”.

He said: “Rose’s first paramour was the Moors murderer, Myra Hindley, who happened to be on the hospital wing at HMP Durham at the same time in 1995 and early 1996.”

However, Mr Goatley claims their relationship didn’t last long with West, saying Hindley could be “very manipulative”.

He told the Daily Mail: “When I visited a few months later, Rose’s opinion of Hindley had changed dramatically. She was saying, ‘You have to watch Hindley, mind.

“She is very manipulative. You don’t realise it, but she gets you doing stuff for her. Oh, she’s clever, all right. She’s flippin’ dangerous, that one. She ain’t going to take me for a c*** again.’ And so heralded the end of the romance.”

Krays’ ‘unique friendship’ with terrifying lag Charles Bronson

Reggie Kray was one of the most feared gangsters in London, but apparently met his match when he came face-to-face with ‘Britain’s most dangerous lag’ Charles Bronson.

The crime boss described their get together at HMP Parkhurst in 1992 as “the most frightening visit I had” in a handwritten letter that was later auctioned off.

Charles Bronson has fond memories of the Kray twins
Charles Bronson has fond memories of the Kray twins

Writing to an inmate called ‘Clive’, Reggie said Bronson broke the tension during their encounter – which saw them flanked by 20 guards – by finally saying ‘hello Reggie’, causing them to burst out laughing.

As he left, Bronson even gave Reggie a gift – a pair of black and white boxing gloves inscribed with his name.

In his prison diary, Charlie Bronson Stole My Sanity, Bronson later reflected on his relationship with both of the Kray brothers, whom he remembered affectionately.

“It was a pleasure and privilege to spend time in prison with both,” he wrote.

“Ron and me had a lot in common and obviously we were both certified insane and sent to Broadmoor. But because of that we could relate to each other better than most.

“Madness is a delicate subject and can cause all sorts of insecurities, but Ron and me had a unique friendship.

“I loved him and I felt his pain.”

He said that while Ronnie was a “sick man” prone to psychotic episodes, Reggie was “more self-confident and chilled about life”.

He added: “I used to spar with Reg and he was fast. When he boxed he was body punisher, he hurt you with combinations and rib crushers.”

Yorkshire Ripper’s tea breaks with Jimmy Savile

When he wasn’t being targeted by the Krays, the Yorkshire Ripper found time to meet fans – which included the former TV personality Jimmy Savile during the 1980s.

The disgraced DJ’s charity work meant he had an office in the grounds of Broadmoor, a bedroom that he called his “cell” and his own personal set of keys to the hospital wards.

Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe struck up a sick bond with Jimmy Savile
Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe struck up a sick bond with Jimmy Savile

At the height of him fame, Savile used to visit Sutcliffe at Broadmoor
At the height of him fame, Savile used to visit Sutcliffe at Broadmoor

One young female patient said she had been repeatedly raped by Savile at the hospital during the early 1980s, before he moved on to other patients, according to The Guardian.

Another former resident said that when she was 17, Savile had groped her breasts while she watched TV in a ward.

The pervert nonetheless also found time to strike up a friendship with Sutcliffe, even drinking tea together in the killer’s cell.

Speaking to the Daily Star, ex lag James Grant revealed: “Jimmy Savile was quite a regular at Broadmoor. He paid a lot of attention to Sutcliffe.

“It made me think there was something going on there, it just wasn’t quite right.”

“He was always going in to Peter’s cell and chatting with him and they’d drink tea together.

He added: “I used to think it was a bit weird, that Savile spent so much time talking to him.

“I thought maybe, I was a bit paranoid but now I wonder at times, now that we know the full story about Savile.”

Professor David Wilson – one of the UK’s top criminologists – also warned of suspicions that paedophile Savile may have been the Ripper’s killing accomplice.

The former prison officer and head of criminology at Birmingham University told the Mirror : “Sutcliffe’s death leaves a number of issues unresolved, including murders that he could be linked to that were never proven, both in this country and abroad, and in relation to his relationship with Jimmy Savile.

“At first sight the suggestion that Savile might be connected with the crimes committed by Sutcliffe will seem far-fetched.

“Yet predatory paedophiles and serial killers are the awful products of common forces which, in their case, were allowed to develop unchecked.

“Both inhabited a world where men were encouraged to take what they wanted by force and where girls and women were seen as things to be used and then discarded.

“They used sex and violence instead of intimacy to express inner demons.”

Ripper called Ian Huntley ‘child killing b*****d’

The Ripper also had a chilling jail run-in with Ian Huntley, who murdered 10-year-olds Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Despite initial rumours that the pair were pals, the Mirror revealed in 2017 that they had clashed at HMP Frankland, as mass killer Sutcliffe called the Soham murderer a “child killing b*****d” in the face to face flare-up.

Sutcliffe also clashed with child killer Ian Huntley
Sutcliffe also clashed with child killer Ian Huntley

The Ripper also told ­Huntley to “p*** off” during the ­altercation at their Category A jail.

The astonishing bust-up was revealed by Sutcliffe’s brother Carl, who said: “Peter thinks he’s a higher class of killer than Huntley, but a ­murderer is a murderer in my eyes.”

Sutcliffe, caught in 1981 after slaughtering 13 women, was moved to the jail from Broadmoor psychiatric hospital after a ruling that he was sane.

Dismissing rumours of a friendship, Carl said: “He doesn’t like Huntley at all. Peter’s always been good with kids and he must think killing two children is worse than 13 women. But it doesn’t make sense to me.”

West ‘watched TV in cell’ with warped sex offender

After falling out with Myra Hindley, Rose West found a new prison pal in the form of depraved sex offender Carole Fishburn.

Fishburn, 42, was locked up in 2015 for a catalogue of vile sex offences against girls, described in court as a wicked, depraved and dangerous woman.

Rose West had 'a lot in common' with sex abuser Carole Fishburn
Rose West had ‘a lot in common’ with sex abuser Carole Fishburn

And she was immediately taken under her wing by mass killer West after being placed on the same hall as her at HMP Low Netwon.

A source told the Mirror : “In prison it is a case of birds of feather flock together and these two women have a lot in common.

“West has been showing her the ropes on the wing, how to order treats and magazines.

“They have been spending time in each other’s cells, reading and watching telly.”

Fishburn was convicted of a total of 11 charges including rape, sexual activity with a child, inciting a child into sexual activity, taking and distributing indecent images and child cruelty.

Black cab rapist ‘best pals’ with Millie Dowler killer

While preparing his legal bid for parole, black cab rapist John Worboys was reportedly helped by Milly Dowler killer Levi Bellfield.

It was claimed the sick pair became “best friends” while jailed inside HMP Wakefield, with killer Bellfield offering rapist Warboys legal advice.

John Worboys was reportedly helped with his parole bid by Levi Bellfield
John Worboys was reportedly helped with his parole bid by Levi Bellfield

The rapist and killer of Millie Dowler were thick as thieves
The rapist and killer of Millie Dowler were thick as thieves

Worboys was jailed indefinitely in 2009, with a minimum term of eight years, for 19 offences against 12 women passengers.

He was never charged over claims he assaulted around 100 other women after picking them up in his cab and drugging them with spiked champagne.

Bellfield and Worboys forged their relationship “chatting about football and having meals together”, according to The Sun.

Worboys supposedly called his child killer pal by his Muslim convert name Yusuf Rahim and continued to write to Bellfield when he moved prisons in 2013.

A prison source said: “John was close to Bellfield and was upset when he moved.

“They were always in each other’s cells and having coffees and meals together.

“They would chat and banter about football and I expect John will visit Bellfield once he is out.”

In 2018, it emerged that Warboys was set to be released from prison, but following a public backlash and legal challenge, the decision was quashed.

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