September 27, 2022

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Warrensburg Inhabitants Line Up to See Petrified Lady

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In 1897, two times just before Xmas the body of a petrified woman went on screen at Hunt and Shackelford barbershop in Warrensburg on Holden Street. Value to people to see the female, ten cents. This according to an article from the Star-Journal posted by the Johnson Place Historic Society on Fb around the weekend.

In accordance to Definitions from Oxford Languages and Google, petrification is, “The system by which organic issue exposed to minerals about a extended period of time is turned into a stony substance.” When Mount Vesuvius in Pompeii, erupted in 79 Ad, individuals and animals wound up remaining petrified and frozen in time. And of system, you will find Petrified Forest Countrywide Park which you can stop by.

However do a Google lookup on “petrified female” you are inclined to get tales and textbooks and mythology extra than any archeological info on the topic. And this is the 20-1st century. So picture how considerably curiosity the petrified female on screen in the barbershop generated in Warrensburg back again at the conclude of the nineteenth century.

Region boys Oscar Cobb and John Shackelford allegedly “discovered” the petrified female on Shackelford’s farm in Hazel Hill Township, transported her to Warrensburg, and set her on exhibit at the barbershop. This according to an report from Los Angeles paper The Herald posted on The Clearly show Me The Historical past Johnson County website.

The Star-Journal article states hundreds of people today went to see the specimen, and handbills experienced been posted the upcoming early morning asserting a distinctive hour where by women could see the ponder.

It turns out nevertheless, these country boys, Cobb and Shackelford experienced a good deal in prevalent with the fraud artists that simply call us right now and inform us if we ship them $300 in Walmart gift playing cards our arrest warrant will be vacated. The petrified woman from Hazel Hill Township turned out to be created of Portland cement. She was buried, and then dug up by the boys, so they could make some revenue.

The Los Angeles Herald claimed in April 1898 that it was observed out that the boys experienced pulled a scam and Cobb and Shackelford had been indicted for accepting income underneath false pretenses.

Warrensburg’s petrified woman proves a single issue. Whilst society could have progressed considering the fact that then, there is usually another person looking to independent us from our funds by jogging a fraud. At least Cobb and Shackelford utilized their creativity. That is much more than we can say about the electronic mail from a Nigerian prince that claims to make us loaded.

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